H E A L T H C O R R E C T I O N™ is the innovative new care model designed to address the causes of today’s most widespread health problems.

Twenty-first century health problems now begin at conception and progress throughout the lifespan. These problems range from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and cancer – to joint pain, obesity, sleep apnea and tiredness. Along with gallbladder disease, kidney disease, infertility, depression and stroke, the chronic diseases of the 21st century continue to disrupt health. This is still occurring despite remarkable advances in science, medicine and technology.

Today’s most consequential health problems demand 21st century solutions, formed and advanced by 21st century thinkers. The mission of  H E A L T H C O R R E C T I O N . C O M  is to move across disciplines and borders introducing effective new strategies and delivery systems for managing 21st century health problems.

Health Correction is done with you, not to you. 

The power of partnerships and the reach of technology allows for seamless blends of smart process development and participatory management. Reclaiming and sustaining your best health is our shared responsibility and the only goal we will ever have.


Health Correction leads to immediate improvements in both present and future health. 

Wherever you are is where we begin. No one is too young, too old, too sick or too well to benefit from correction programs. Built on a framework of engineering principles, project management techniques and clearly articulated, proprietary strategies, our practical approaches lead to proven results.


Health Correction is now available to the public.

Introducing the discipline of Health Correction to the public enables modern humans to finally move from the old, “Age of Advice” to the new, “Century of Correction.” Shaped and tested over decades, Health Correction is embedded in a science-based, expertly assembled Body of Knowledge. It comes from a first of its kind coalition of doctors, professionals, knowledge-partners and 21st century thinkers. Whether direct-to-you or by prescription from your doctor, Health Correction is now available at your fingertips.

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Great health is something we manage, not just hope for.

Health Correction provides the methods, the tools and the conceptual framework to convert strategies into action and action into results. A health-centered design approach ensures results are immediate and measurable.

A health-centered design approach ensures Health Correction improves your present and future health from the moment you begin. 

If you:

  • have high blood pressure                          
  •  Health Correction is for you
  • have been trying to lose weight 
  • Health Correction is for you
  • have pre-diabetes or diabetes
  • Health Correction is for you
  • have high cholesterol  
  • Health Correction is for you
  • have kidney or liver problems 
  • Health Correction is for you
  • have a high risk for cancers  
  • Health Correction is for you

If you have sleep apnea, joint pain, tiredness, gout, heart disease, difficulty losing weight, or still use tobacco – Health Correction is for you.

If you do not yet know what Metabolic Syndrome is – Health Correction is for you.

If you want to ensure you have the longest, healthiest life possible – Health Correction is for you.

If you live in the 21st century, HEALTHCORRECTION is for you. 

The power to begin is in your fingertip.  image-9-9-16-at-10-57-am-version-3

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