Fires occur in more than 350,000 homes in the United States each year. Once the house is on fire, a quick response is needed.

Taken as an obvious and immediate threat to health and safety, spotting fires compels us to sound the alarm. This alarm sets off an organized practiced response resulting in the arrival of highly-trained, fully-equipped experts. These experts provide the best odds for minimizing damage and saving lives.

While it is widely known that heart disease, cancer and diabetes are also major threats to health and safety, few realize these chronic diseases disable and kill more people worldwide than does anything else. Chronic diseases first manifest as weight gain, high blood pressure, gall bladder and kidney disease, blood sugar problems (pre-diabetes), cholesterol changes, joint pain, infertility and fatigue.

These early health conditions have become the most dangerous “fires” of our time.

Tremendous progress has been made in treating the consequences of chronic diseases after their damaging effects have been identified. Open heart surgery, chemotherapy and insulin are some of the best examples of remarkable 20th century advances in chronic disease treatments. Used in combination with modern, disease-based care models and new technologies, lifespan has increased for millions of people.

Still, unlike the response to home fires, a systematized, practiced response to 21st century health problems has been neither quick nor directed at the source. That is, addressing “health fires” only after tremendous damage has already occurred is more akin to calling on the contractors who perform the post-fire repairs than it is to notifying the fire fighters of early smoke and flames.

Instead of calling in experts to put out fires, we have been waiting until half of the house is gone before sounding the alarm.

The result of this approach has been that while lifespan increased gradually for many people since the last century, the HEALTHSPAN fell suddenly for most. Healthspan – the span of time when health is close to “ideal” – has become shorter and shorter over the past 40 years. Chronic diseases begin in childhood (even in the womb) and continue to develop along with growth and aging. This accelerates aging by decades and negatively impacts growth and development throughout the lifespan.

In the current environment, to live longer means routinely living longer with health fires of early chronic diseases smoldering just below the surface. Living with weight gain, high blood pressure and high blood sugar represents the current failure to LIVE BOTH LONG AND WELL in this century. This health trend has produced large populations of progressively sicker and sicker people all hoping (and expecting) to ultimately find cures for mid and late stage illnesses that now occur earlier and earlier in life.

With chronic diseases presently leading the way as the most serious threat to health, the greatest challenge of the 21st century will be to restore the expected healthspan to modern humans. By disrupting this century’s health conditions before they advance through their predictable stages, the gap between lifespan and healthspan can be narrowed, creating high states of lifetimehealth never before realized by human beings.

Like firefighters called to extinguish house fires, H E A L T H C O R R E C T I O N™ is an organized, practiced response resulting in the arrival of highly-trained, fully-equipped experts sent to provide the best odds for minimizing damage and saving lives. If you are living with “health fires” like weight gain that you cannot stop or lose, high blood pressure, prediabetes, blood sugar issues, tiredness, joint pain or other 21st century health problems:



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