When my doctor told me I had prediabetes, I was really shocked. I was a little overweight but I’ve always exercised and felt pretty good. Most of my friends are a lot heavier and they don’t exercise as much. I was also only 33 then. I was surprised when my doctor told me to just come back in a year to see if my blood sugar had gone any higher. But instead of waiting to see if my prediabetes became diabetes I decided to do something about it. I found out about Health Correction from another doctor. Now I am no longer prediabetic. I know exactly what to do every day to make sure my blood sugar stays normal. My correction program helped me learn to do the right things for my body. My weight corrected to normal too and I have a lot more energy. Health Correction is so much better than just waiting until you need pills and needles. Even if you are not very overweight, you should get checked for prediabetes and other health problems. Health Correction is what we all need now! -B.K.

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